Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hydrogen Peroxide can cure arthritis?

I read this article, is in Russia, to cure arthritis you have to: add two or three drops of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) in a glass of water (pure, not chloryde), and drink three times a day. Add one drop each day that the body gets used to it before you reach 10 drops per cup. Continuing to do it in 2 or 3 months, and arthritis will disappear! And not only arthritis, but the overall condition improved after a few months! And the best part - it costs nothing! Try it and let me know, I'll start adding the water of my night! The reason I started looking at this is that I met this lady, she is in her fifties, and she had arthritis since I was 23 years told me abouth this method and found that worked for her! She feels fine now. I do not want everyone to try it for me! I will try it for yourself! The same lady told me that when she told her regular doctor about the results, very surprised by her doctor and I asked her: "Will the doctor is now recommending to their patients?" She said: "My doctor has not the right thing to recommend to their patients," it makes absolutely no chemical or medical sense to me, I can not imagine that it would be silly to work. Homeopathic Sounds like bunk to me. That small of a dose of a chemical that is basically a poison that is metabolized and removed from the body before it can respond to arthritis. Sounds like a good way to kill your liver. Of course it works! It is like using gelignite to lock the nose. This is the standard treatment in some countries. Give it a shot. This seems pretty risky! I can see why you would want others to try it before yourself.Did know that ordinary water / spring, lubricate joints exactly the same but peroxide.R Read the bottle, drink, because it can be toxic, good luck anyway! Hydrogen peroxide should not be drinking hot water can gurgle salt water for sore throat, but not drink. I've had arthritis since I was 13 and now I have 31. I've tried almost all homeopathic remedies and it was not until recently, went into remission. for each body is different. I just had to do with the use of prednisone and Azulfadine Aleve. Now, I was off of prednisone since February 2006. But they do not peroxide. In addition, an internal md to believe me please. Even if you read an article in Russian, not be allowed in this country. Unless it is medically proven .


Alan Abraham said...
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Michel Babun said...

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